vrijdag 26 november 2010

Act Positive 2010

So here the post about my act positive weekend I promised you a while ago!


With my lovely friendssss <3

The BEST roommates ever <3 (they are from Germany!)

Window inspirationsss, whaha

Annefoek and Annedreke <3

Walking friends <3

I love trees, I love trees, I love trees, tralalalala

@ Busss

With Annedreke <3

Cute old man



besides the European Parliament

We had tot take a lot of food with us, hahaha

@ European Parliament

wish it was mine

Very cute

Me like

All the 100.000 signatures!!

That's why I love the sky!

Little me, hihi

Our new friends from Oekraine!

Beautiful sky @ Brussels

With my lovely Actpositive friends <3

ready for the demonstration (www.nd.nl)

I think I was 'a little' happy, haha

And then we had to say goodbye to Brussels =(!

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