donderdag 31 maart 2011

i'll just keep it to myself in the sun

Some new buys via the online shop, I'm really happy with them, especially with the bikini. It suits perfect and I really love the tusks!

Between the lines of fear and blame you became to wonder why you came

I think I've only one word to "explain" my day, and that's:

I've no nerve to tell you all the things that went wrong the last 3 hours, because I'm scared there will be my next faillure, haha. No I'm not over-acting, the last 3 hours were horrible.

Yesterday I thought good about the rain, but today NOT, actually I'm hating the rain at this moment!

woensdag 30 maart 2011

I'm sorry for all my mistakes, I'm just not perfect, I'm really sorry for that.

Ik hoor de druppels tegen de ramen vallen, om de paar seconde komt er weer eentje bij, de ene druppel naast de andere, waarna ze samen naar beneden stromen. Ondertussen luister ik naar The beatles - Norwegian Wood, ik lach, het leven is mooi. Als het regent terwijl ik lekker binnen zit, in het donker met een heel klein lichtje aan, dan vindt ik dat altijd fijn. Soms is regen toch wel fijn.

New sunglasses

sunglasses - shoeby fashion

One of my new sunglasses, I'm really happy with it, I was looking for this for a very long time now. The pictures are way to bad, but I've just been to the dentist and I have had drugging, so that's not very nice. I can't laugh, eat drink and all the simple things like that.

dinsdag 29 maart 2011

well if you could reinvent my name, well if you could redirect my day, I wanna be the King of Spain.

Ik ben nog steeds ziek, ik ben nooit zo lang ziek, inmiddels al 6 dagen, oeps 6 dagen is best veel. Sinds zaterdag kreeg ik ook kiespijn, heb 2 nachten niet geslapen en de tandarts heeft me gisterochtend dan ook direct "geholpen", nouja ik zal niet zeggen wat hij heeft gedaan het klinkt nogal onsmakelijk. In ieder geval moet ik nog 10 dagen dikke tabletten slikken en een aantal keren terug komen bij de tandarts (voor wie ik overigens niet bang meer ben na alles wat tandartsen en kaakchirurgen met mij hebben gedaan, ahuhm), mijn koorts is ook nog steeds niet weg. Heb net een koude douce genomen, ga nu wat yogert drinken en weer slapen. Het leven is echt niets aan zonder vrienden om je heen, dat is wel weer een wijze les die ik heb geleerd de afgelopen dagen.

I'm still sick, I don't have enery to write in English, I'm sorry for that.

zondag 27 maart 2011

You and I were ment to be for eachother

No I didn't forget the shoes, this would be a perfect outfit to wear without shoes, without shoes in the sand, without shoes in the sand at the beach.
The tallest man on earth - the gardener

zaterdag 26 maart 2011

There are so many different ways

If you are longing for summer you really have to look at emmy's blog, it just gives you the perfect summerfeeling.

vrijdag 25 maart 2011

Some thing are better left unsaid

Today is a day about wanting to do a lot of things, but just aren't able to do them. Yes I'm sick, very sick I can say, the only thing I can do is sleeping and lying on the couch. I want to run into the steet, I want to walk with my dog, I want to see my friends, I want to lie in the sun (luckily for me there isn't that much sun today) and I just don't want to be sick in my WEEKEND. So I hopeeee hope hope I'll be better soon, because this is suckssss, I'm so bored now. And I'm sorry for the ugly post of the last weeks and ofcourse my super bad english.

zondag 20 maart 2011

Jenny don't be hasty

Yesterday I went to the University of Utrecht with my dad, and It was so nice! I always thought that I didn't want to go to the University at this moment, just because I'll miss my friends from my secondary school. But know I think: It would be perfect to go there. Of course I'll miss my friends, but true friends are friends forever, so if I believe my friends are my true friends, then I would not lose them because of studying in another city.
ps: I've seen so much lovely boys, that makes it just perfect, haha.

donderdag 17 maart 2011

You're my everything

Today's outfit: actie schoenen shoes - h&m see through blouse - zara trousers - second hand blazer - h&m ring
ps: I know I look tired, so I am!

zaterdag 12 maart 2011

Finally I can see you crystal clear

One of my two new pair of shoes, I wrote about them some time ago, but I've never showed them, so here is one pair of my two new pair of shoes.

woensdag 9 maart 2011

One of those great days

Yesterday it was Mirjam's 17th birthday, so she invited her friends for a "high tea party", such a great idea! She invited only "the girls", so it was a real "girls party", very funny ofcourse. The food she made was delicious, I've eaten so much, haha. We've had so much fun, it was just perfect!

Today I'm sick, not because I've eaten to much yesterday, haha, but I didn't feel "good" since monday and now I'm sick. I'm going to bed again, sweet dreams, hopefully I'll be better tomorrow!