dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

You got me so wild

I'm back from Flevo Festival 2011. It was just perfect, it couldn't be better! The music was good, the people were great, ofcourse the people were great because I was with my friends, but the people on the festival were great to! the weather was good, we had so much fun, I couldn't wish it better! Let the pictures do there job >

 at Jonas David @ de Belofte
 my lovely friends Kristel, Annefoek, Mirjam and Rianne
 Jonas David @ de Belofte (I loveeeee Jonas his voice, it's just so beautiful!)
 Rianne and me at Abandon @ Frontline
 Mirjam, Annefoek, Kristel, Rianne and me <3
 at Alibi Tom @ Frontline, greaaaaat sound!!
 at Humming People @ de Notenkraker, I'm really a big fan of them now!
 they are just so cute, funny, lovely and beautiful!
 with Annefoek @ our place
 Annefoek and me smoking watertube
 Rianne and Annefoek walking to the festival place
 Me, Rianne, Kristel and Annefoek at the beach @ Frontline
 Mirjam and Eline at Trinity @ Frontline
 People swimming and dancing in the water @ Frontline
 Annefoek, Me, Rianne and Mirjam dancing in the water during Trinity @ Frontline
 Me, Eline and Mirjam having fun together
 Beautiful Rianne and here cute face
 the last show, RED @ Mainstage
JW, Willem, Sander, me, Foek, Ri, Mir and Kris before we were leaving!

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