donderdag 16 december 2010

Almost Friday!!!

Aaaaah thank you so much, tomorrow it's friday, that means; 1 test and after that freedom!! First we will go to the supermarket and buy some nice things to eat and to drink for that night, after that we will go shopping <3, then I will go out to diner with 3 of my lovely best friends, after diner we will go to my brothers house in the middel of the city (and yes he and his friends are not at home, so we have a whole beautifull house for ourselves!) and last but not least we will have a schoolparty in the city, so tomorrow will be so much fun! I'm looking forward to it sooooo much, not very strange after a boring testweek ofcourse. So now I will eat and after that I will learn my last test! But I only think of tomorrow, haha.

I really like these pictures, and I wish myself a wall like this in my room! from emmylinnea

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