zondag 26 december 2010

One of the most beautiful city's of the whole world!

In 2011 i'm going to Rome with a schoolexcursion, I'm really looking forward to it now! First I wanted to go to Barcelona (the most of my friends are going to Barcelona), but now I understand how lucky I am to go to one of the most beautiful city's of the world! It would be so much fun, because my best friends are going with me (unfortunately not all my best friends). I'm thinking about it every week:

eating a lot of icecreams

watching funny/great/lovely people

while we sitting at a terrase

and drinking wine

whatch all the beautiful old things in the city


watching cute/beautiful/sexy boys

make a lot of pictures of all the beautiful things we're gonna see

and ofcourse we will go shopping

wearing cute summerdresses all the time

enjoying the sun

some of my friends can play guitar, so we will take a guitar with us!

we stay in a hotel in the middle of Rome, how great would that be?

having a lot of fun together, just because my friends are very funny!

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  1. Hee esmee! ik dacht dat ik eerder al een keer had gereageerd maar dat is waarschijnlijk mislukt.. Rome wordt zo leuk! ik heb er echt zin in x) en ik volg je blog altijd.. hij is echt leuk!
    liefs annedreke