maandag 31 januari 2011

Born to be blond

aaah last week I was very very sad:
Some time ago I changed my hair (not the colour, but just the look), before I "changed" my hair it was still a little blond of the summer, but when I changed my hair (I don't know how you can say it in English, but I "moved" my "separation"), there was a lot less blond, because that hair didn't had any sun. And I didn't like that very much, so my mother and I painted my hear a little blonder (only some hair tufts). BUT THEN: it wasn't blond, but more like RED. So I thought: OOOO NOOOO. So last saturday I went to the hairdresser and she changed my hair back to blond. Now I'm very happy, I've my blond hair back. Oh and now my mother is a lot of money lighter, haha. I will never ever paint my hair by myself or my mother again!

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